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How Can You Open Wine Without Damaging The Cork? – Opening Wine Bottles Without Resorting To Serious Power Tools. How do you open a bottle of wine? Assuming it’s a cork and not a screw top, there are a myriad of tools to open a bottle of wine and probably twice as many ways to screw up a cork.. If you still have half of a cork in the bottle.

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Tapered Corks | eBay – Small #7 Tapered corks are perfect for pop and beer bottles. They are not designed to use in place of regular wine corks.

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Why Synthetic Corks Are Worth Using – How to Make Wine – I’m the membership director for our local wine club and handle the wine judging event for our county fair. As such, I’ve had a chance to open a lot of bottles of home made wine corked with synthetic corks. Anyone who chooses to use them needs to realize they are not designed to be inserted with a hand corker.

bottling – Is it possible to cork screw-top wine bottles. – getting the cork out can sometimes be a problem because you don’t have the thick glass to pry against. Only you can decide if it’s worth the expense or effort to get cork wine bottles. There are several other posts on the same page claiming it can be done, but ideally only as a last resort.

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