Time to Protest Property Taxes is Almost Over – Mary Roberts

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I’ve lurked for years but finally registered to post my HCAD property tax protest situation. We moved last year into an older ranch style home in memorial. The appraised and market value of the home on HCAD were way below true market value at the time we purchased.

How to Protest Your Property Taxes. According to Jubally co-owner blake roberts, 97 percent of his company’s clients who have gone through a formal hearing process have received an average reduction of $623 in saved tax money. The company plans to expand to Travis County in time for the 2014 protest season.

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Mary Roberts shared. Time to Protest Property Taxes is Almost Over. Runnin’ Out of Time, People! Are you still going to protest your property tax valuation in Larimer.

Although we’ve warned you a couple of times, just in case you missed it – today is kind of a big deal if you own a home. Today is the deadline (unless you’re in Denton County) to protest your property taxes for this year.

Runnin’ Out of Time, People! Are you still going to protest your property tax valuation in Larimer County? You better hurry up. Deadline is Monday June 3. I just finished 22 of them for friends and clients. Half of them may win. Some of the valuations had a 50% increase; others less than 20% and [.]

If you purchased a property between January 1st and June 1st of the current year (or already own a property from a prior year), you can protest your property taxes during May. If you happen to close on a property at the end of May you can still go to the appraisal district and file that day (you will get a hearing in the June/July timeframe, if no one is available to see you immediately).