Thinking of skipping a home inspection? Here’s why you shouldn’t…

Get your offer in fast, and think about it during the negotiation. Don’t lose your dream home." Critch also says that when you make your offer, you shouldn’t suggest you. to Shut Down Now.].

Skipping That Home Inspection? These Horror Stories Will Make You Think Again. originally posted at BY MINDY JENSEN. A few weeks ago, I wrote a 48-point diy home inspection checklist.This was not intended to be a replacement for an actual home inspection; rather, it was a pre-inspection list for you to use while you were walking through the home to help you determine if you.

Buying a home is a lengthy process, and most likely the biggest financial decision you'll ever make. Even if you score a great deal on the cost of.

Avoid these common mistakes to have a successful home inspection.

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