REPORT: U.S. Army Major and 2 of His Children Die in Crash While Wife Flies on Plane with Baby

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Augustin Gonzalez, a major in the U.S. Army, was driving through Kentucky on Saturday night with his three children, Noelle Gonzalez, 6, Gwendolyn Gonzalez, 2, and Nicholas Gonzalez, 8, when his 2013 dodge caravan struck a tow truck that had stopped in the lanes to help a driver who had been involved in a previous crash, according to CBS affiliate WKYT .

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U.S. Army Major and 2 of His Children Die in Car Crash While Wife Flies on Plane with Newborn People – Jason Duaine Hahn After graduating from Duke University, Agustin Gonzalez and his family were traveling to Colorado Springs A 36-year-old father and two of his children were killed in a tragic car crash in Kentucky over Memorial Day weekend, the Kentucky State Police confirms to PEOPLE.

Private Ross Thomas Standing, 27, who was based at RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, was declared dead at the scene of the collision which took place last Saturday on the A420.

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