Pollinator of the Week: Hawk (Sphinx) Moth

As winter’s chill brings a marked downturn in insect activity here in the northeast, we turn to the "Bug of the Week" guest book to visit photographs sent by viewers during warmer times. Two wonderful images sent last year were marvelous moths belonging to the family Sphingidae, known as sphinx, hawk, and hummingbird moths.

Identification: A large, grayish-brown sphingid hawk moth. It has long, narrow forewings and a thick, spindle shaped body. It has long, narrow forewings and a thick, spindle shaped body. Black bands appear across the tops of the hindwings, and five orange spots can be found on each side of the abdomen.

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Hummingbird hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum) visiting a thistle. Video: gifer.com One of the more curious insects you’re likely to run into as a gardener is the hawk moth, also called sphinx moth, a member of the Sphingidae family. There are over 1400 species found all over the world-big ones, medium ones, large ones-and what impresses most about them.

The team wanted to conduct an awareness programme for National Moth Week, which occurs in the last week of July. offer.

Consider the insect known as the hawk. moths appear during the daylight hours, unlike the sphinx, which are nighttime visitors. The sphinx moth is ubiquitous, not only in Southern Nevada, but.

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Moth Pollination. Hawkmoths are impressive flyers and some have tongues longer than their bodies. These giant moths fly upwind, tracking the airborne fragrance trail to a clump of flowers. Their caterpillars, tobacco and tomato hornworms, are well known to gardeners as voracious feeders. If you want to see their colorful adults,

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