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Horses News — ScienceDaily New research indicates that zebras’ stripes are used to control body temperature after all — and reveals for the first time a new mechanism for how this may be achieved.

An alternate theory has emerged to explain the zebra’s distinctive colouring. Yi-Di Ng reports. They also have ravenous appetites and are capable of draining up to 500 mL of blood a day from a single animal. Both tsetse and horseflies also carry diseases like trypanosomiasis, fatal to zebras (and humans).

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Wildlife Biologist Earns His ‘Zebra Stripes’ With New Book Tim Caro Tells of His Personal and Scientific Journey to Get to the Bottom of Natural Mystery. But rarely are we told why zebras have those stripes to begin with. The question has intrigued UC Davis wildlife biology professor Tim Caro for more than a decade. In his new book, Zebra Stripes, Caro takes readers through his scientific and personal journey to get to the bottom of this mysterious and beautiful coloration.

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One version of this theory says that the stripes make it hard for a predator to distinguish one zebra from another. Another version of this theory holds that zebra stripes allow zebras to blend in with trees and bushes in the woodland when seen by predators lacking color vision or under dim light.

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Many hypotheses have been proposed for the function of zebras’ extraordinary black and white stripes, including an antipredator defense operating through crypsis [1] or confusion of preda- tors [2], a means of reinforcing social bonds [3], thermoregulation [4], and defense against ectoparasites [5].

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