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Expanding on the subject of my upcoming appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, a landmark new article in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that choline in eggs, poultry, dairy, and fish produces the same toxic TMAO as carnitine in red meat-which may help explain plant-based protection from heart disease and prostate cancer.

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Video Transcript: What Does an Iodine Deficiency Have to Do with Cancer? Dr. David Brownstein: Let s do the basics on people to help supply their body with the things it needs to function optimally, which is how we were designed by our Maker. If we supply the body with the right nutrients, it should do fine for a lifetime.

just wondering, is your friend on lupron shots? the reason i ask is -i had my prostate removed in 2012 and took the shots for 2 yrs , my psa resluts stayed at 0.003 for two years. now after 1 yr without the shot my psa went to .27 and in 4 months take another psa test.if my psa goes up more i may have to do the shots again. already did radiation.

Prostate Cancer Does Not Always Require Surgery Desmond Ebanks.. It is not affected by prostate size or inflammation like PSA. ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer 10,729 views.

Although radical prostatectomy (rp) offers excellent long-term cancer control, one in three patients experience a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) recurrence within 10 years. 1-4 Many patients have an indolent course with a median time from recurrence to prostate cancer death of 16 years. 5 However, prostate cancer patients today are often younger 6 and have an extended natural life expectancy.

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-chances of developing prostate cancer increases dramatically with age-race -family history: have father or brother with prostate cancer; men who have had several relatives with prostate cancer, especially those with relatives who developed prostate cancer at younger ages, are also at higher risk

I do hope your cancer has not spread at all and you have a long and full life. In my case it was somewhat disappointing to find out that the radiation had killed all the cancer in my prostate because that, along with a rising psa meant the cancer was thriving somewhere else.

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