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Their orbit is pretty tight: they’re only about 13 million kilometers (8 million miles) from each other, and their orbit is just 7.5 days long. than the Sun). Taking into account the orbital size.

On October 1, a bright comet screamed into the Sun. CMEs happen all the time, so I’d expect a few to happen around the same time as comets flying past the Sun just by coincidence. We don’t have any.

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Hippo made it into Colorado just in time for spring skiing. Who says Hippo’s can’t ski? With colder weather fading away behind us, and spring skiing kicking into high-gear, it’s a great time to head for the "Centennial State." That’s what we thought, anyway. As of today, our team has expanded into C.

Hippo hunting is an amphibious adventure. You may end up in a dug out canoe paddling towards a group of them, or slipping through the tall grass after a solitary bull. Hunting hippo is a great side adventure to add to you big game safari, or you can book a great hippo and croc combination hunt.

Just because it snows a lot in Colorado doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t shine. Some parts of Colorado can get close to 300 days of sunshine a year. That combined with the sun reflecting off of the snow can make for some very quick sunburns. It’s always easy to tell who skis a lot just by checking out their goggle tan line. 19.

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Hippos in the Hippo Pool: Update from Val.. The hippo pool is not man made. It is a bend in the river where hippos have congregated for many years. There are rocks just under the surface that makes it easy for them to rest in the water.