Hamas In Their Own Words

There you have it, in Hamas’ own words: They are perfectly willing to coexist with people of any race and religion. They are simply not willing to coexist with a country that is brutally military occupying, colonizing, and blockading them. Think about it for a second, though.

Hamas Leaders in Their Own Words Hamas has made clear that its goal remains the destruction of Israel and not the betterment of the lives of Gaza’s citizens.

To use their own words: "Occupation, injustice, and impunity cause resistance. Occupation is the root cause of the conflict. Justice for the Palestinian people is a prerequisite to peace." Modern Jihad. In 2017, Hamas released a new document outlining their principles and goals. It takes on a wholly different tone.

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And, he adds: “It is expensive, I’m not gonna lie.” What does it cost to sail the world on your own boat? The Erdos’ estimate.

It has been almost 10 years since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that if he was elected, he would order the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to invade Gaza, bring down the Hamas regime and.

This because the Hebrew language also has the word "hamas," or , in its vocabulary.. "[Hamas] will never again be heard of in your land;

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Asked whether he still regarded Hamas and Hezbollah as “friends”, the Labour leader said: “No. It was inclusive language I used which with hindsight I would rather not have used. I regret using those.

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In Their Own Words: Hamas. Its name is an acronym for harakat al-muqawama al-islamiyya – The islamic resistance movement. Its social service wing, Dawah, follows the model of Islamic welfare established by Muhammad. Dawah is divided into multiple departments: preaching and guidance, welfare, education, charity, health, and sport and reconciliation.

Hamas in their own words January 08, 2009 richard landes 11 comments One of the more appalling aspects of the news coverage of this conflict is the pervasive cover-up of Hamas’ true nature.

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Iran has cut up to 15 million a month in funding for Hamas as punishment for. before adding: 'Diplomatically, I have to use other words' Photo: AFP. stand behind a dictator like Assad who is killing his own people," he said.